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We are a Book Shop selling new and second hand books based in the Williamson Art Gallery on Slatey Road, Oxton..We are open Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 4.45pm. Our stock is on display on the left hand side of the foyer as you enter the Gallery, with a lot more in the book room just behind this area. We are still able  to order any new book and trace and supply copies of out of print titles.

On this site we feature just some of the titles and facilities that we have available but we still believe that simply visiting the shop and browsing our stock is still the best way to find and enjoy books


We moved into our new home in the Williamson about three months ago and we are very happy to be here. As soon as you enter the foyer you can see some of our books on display to your left. Behind this area you will see more book cases leading down a short corridor to our main book room.

The Gallery has a car park and cafe so visitors can park easily, browse our stock, wander round the various exhibitions and also enjoy a cup of tea or coffee - all in all a very pleasant, relaxed experience.


This year our best selling book has been a new edition of A Child's Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas, illustrated by local artist Peter Bailey. We've sold out of copies at the moment but will have more in stock when we re-open on Friday, 2nd. January.


Taken from a recent issue of the Independent.

 "Reasons to hate Amazon 493; a Channel 4 investigation has revealed that many of the company staff are employed on zero hours contracts, are tagged with GPS, have to walkup to 15 miles a day, and have just 30 minutes break in a ten hour shift during which they may have to hike the length of nine football pitches to get to the canteen. Oh and their toilet breaks are monitored and timed".

We believe small independent bookshops make an important contribution to the local community and make a positive contribution to society - not least because we pay our taxes and employ local people with decent working conditions. Organisations like Amazon can under cut some of our prices but thay can do so because they don't make a proper contributions to our economy - taking their profits away from this country. 

We hope you will come and buy your books from us, and enjoy the experience of browsing the shelves of a proper book shop, and if you can't visit Oxton Village Books please go to any other local bookshop in your area. If you don't support us and we all vanish from the High Street Amazon may be your only choice - but watch out for their prices when they have no competition!


We have long been fans of the graphic novels by Bryan Talbot and as a result we were delighted to find that he has just published a third volume of his Grandville series. The latest volume is called "Grandeville Bete Noire" and once again Inspector Lebrock and his assistant Roderick Ratzi battle not just to solve crimes but to save the French republic from being overthrown by the evil Baron Aristotle Crapaud. The enjoyment of these books is not just the fascinating story lines but also the clever background details that can be found in the illustrations. There are three Grandeville books ( Grandeville being a steam punk Paris) and they can be read in sequence though they also work as stand alone tales.

Another new book we have just got in is "Liverpool Then and Now" which has 140 pages of matched old and contemporary photos of places in Liverpool and on the Wirral. This is a beautiful, quality, hardback - the normal selling price is £14.99 but we have a limited number of copies for just £9.99.

New in - but old, interesting and collectable - we currently have two copies of the local classic "Auld Lang Syne" by Harry Neilson, This fascinating memoir is full of details of life in the local area in the late 19th. century. The opening line states "I was born in the year 1861, at number 39, Westbourne Road , Birkenhead. The house was pleasantly situated amid green fields which extended right into the suburb of Claughton"

Neilson was quite a local character and tales of his life in this area and elsewhere are well illustrated with many of his own drawings and caricatures.

Boyh books are 1935 first editions  in very good condition and sell for £50.

Literary quotes of the moment.  "The play was a great success, but the audience was a disaster"  Oscar Wilde..

                                                 "Wise men talk when they have something to say; fools because they have to say something". Plato

                                                 " A secret is something you can only tell one person at a time" Allen Ginsberg.



We are pleased to be part of a new online service providing new books ( including e books ), D.V.D's, and music C.D's and downloads. The "Hive" is a service organised by our national book suppliers, Gardners, and is a way of supporting independent bookshops at the same time as allowing individuals to buy new books online. Go to www.hive.co.uk to visit the site and see what it has to offer.

Orders through "Hive" can be delivered directly to your home address or they can be delivered here to be collected at your convenience, ( taking away the problem of staying in waiting for delivery, or having to look under bushes or behind plant pots for "delivered" packages ). Whatever you decide to buy we receive a small percentage here at Oxton Village Books, helping us, and other independent book shops, to keep going in the age of online shopping and electronic sales !

Wirral and Merseyside Titles.

We stock a wide range of new and out of print local titles and can usually source any book we do not have in stock. We have a detailed catalogue of local titles available for viewing in the shop so listed below are just some of the titles we have in stock.

"The Township of Birkenhead" by Sulley, and "Memories or the Chronicles of Birkenhead" by Hilda Gamlin are two of the classic 19th. century local titles. Both are now available, and in stock, in modern reprint versions. While they do not have quite the same attraction as first editions they offer a cheaper alternative for anyone wishing to read about life in Birkenhead in Victorian times.

"Birkenhead Through Time" by Ian Collard is a much more recent publication (2012) and has a fascinating collection of old and new photographs of the town.

Ian Collard has also recently published "Mersey Ferries Through Time" another book we highly rate.

If you are interested in early periods of our local history "Wirral and its Viking Heritage" offers a very well researched account of life and events here in the 10th and 11th. centuries.

We stock many other local interest titles, including a number about the other side of the Mersey - of interest to readers born there who have been lucky enough to move over to this side of the water.

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